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TreatTraditional Vet
Convenient Hours
(9am – 9pm, every single day)
Same-Day Booking
Video Chat & Share Photos
with your Vet
Easy Prescription Diet
& Medication Delivery
Wait Time0 minAn eternity
Appointment TimeAs much time as you need!15 – 20 min
Stress Level
(for you & your pet)
Zero – Low
Treat vets come to where your pet is happiest — at home.
Med – High
Travel to/from appointment, noisy waiting rooms, unfamiliar surroundings, behavioral triggers
  • Full Service Pet Care - vet care, 
training, & grooming
  • Transparent Pricing
  • Convenient Hours: 9am - 9pm
  • Free Chat Forever
  • Same-Day Booking
  • No time in the waiting room
  • Appointment takes as much time as you need!
  • Zero to Low Stress Level for you and your pet
  • Easy food & medication delivery
  • Video chat & share photos with your vet

A few things we can do ...


Chat with a Vet

  • 8am – 12am, everyday
  • Text & share photos


Nail Trim

  • Fast & painless
  • Add Soft Paws for $20
  • Soft Paws are vinyl nail caps that cover your cat's existing nails. They're a safe and humane way to stop destructive clawing. And they come in pretty colors, too!


Vet Exam

  • Comprehensive health check
  • 1 vaccine included


Dog Training

  • Private in-home session
  • Certified Behaviorist


Cat Grooming

  • Brushing, de-shedding, & nail trim
  • Optional sanitary trim


Trip to the Groomer

  • Easy pick-up & drop-off
  • Effortless professional full groom


Wellness Exam

  • All core vaccinations
  • Heartworm & fecal tests


Vet Nurse Care

  • Great for pills & injections
  • Ask about long-term care


Dog Training
Video Call

  • 30-minute video session
  • Certified behaviorist


Cat Behavior

  • Private in-home session
  • Certified Behaviorist


In-Home Dog Bath

  • Bath, nail trim, glands, ears & teeth
  • For dogs under 40 lbs


Anal Glands Expression

  • Fast & sanitary
  • Trust us — you want to outsource it.
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“Treat's focus on service design is super evident, and the launch feature set is just right — there were several "wait, it does that too?" moments 
for us.”
James Home Google Product Designer
“If Treat can use live chat with vets to build 
a relationship with customers, it could become their go-to for everything from kibble to collars to house calls.”
Josh Constine TechCrunch Editor
April Underwood
Slack, VP of Product

Great first experience with @HelloTreat: from "wow she looks like a lamb" to fine-looking groomed dog in 4 hours

Jon Gulick
Twitter, Sales

Cheaper than going to the vet. Scheduled when I was home.. AND I can drink wine during the visit! @HelloTreat #dogsoftwitter

Adelin Cai
Pinterest, Head of Policy

Had a great in-home vet experience with @HelloTreat. Such an easy way to get care that incurs minimal stress to your pets! Highly recommend!

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"They provide helpful recommendations, are super quick to respond to questions, and genuinely care for these animals."
Cindy W.

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Treat delivers better vet care, in the comfort of your home. See or chat with a vet today!
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